Last Sermon: 'Business Breakthrough' by Evangelist David Martin on Saturday, August 23, 2014

About CMFI Maryland

Pastor Robinson Fondong

"...plunder hell and populate heaven for Calvary’s sake. That's the goal of the church and it should be the goal of every believer"

The CMFI church of Maryland was founded in March of 2002. The founding Pastor Robinson Fondong, who is a Missionary himself, started by preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to a young man called Andrew Haines. Andrew was miraculously set free and delivered. The victory of Jesus over his life led to a mighty stirring both in his family and the society around. When Brother Andrew got saved, he and pastor Fondong started meeting at his home. The Lord blessed the young fellowship abundantly and a few others from the Baltimore and Silver Spring area joined the fellowship. Read more...

Ministries and programs

Pastor Robinson Fondong

Praise and Worship

Praise and worship for us is not a Sunday activity but a lifestyle. We enjoy praising Him and we get lifted into indescribable heights, far above all the pressures of our day, as we praise and worship Him daily. Jesus is the focus of our worship. We praise Him not as a display of our talents or gifts, but from our hearts and with all our might. Our goal is to bring down His manifest presence by our broken hearts and our unadulterated praise. We invite you to join us this Sunday to give Jesus the praise that He deserves. Oh Yes! Get ready to praise and worship Him not just with your lips, but from your heart, and with all your might!!! Read more..


Special Services With Dave Martin

Guest Speaker: Evangelist/Teacher David Martin, President of Dave Martin Ministries, inc. and the host of Living Supernatural.


  • Sunday, August 17th at 10am
  • Thursday, August 21st at 7pm
  • Friday, August 22nd at 7pm
  • Saturday, August 23rd at 7pm
  • Sunday, August 24th at 10am

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Venue: CMFI Westminster
40 S. Church St, Westminster, MD 21157